Common Rail Injector

Common Rail Injector


Common rail injectors are a key component in common rail technology. The common fuel rail supplies each common rail injector with high pressure fuel to be precisely sprayed into the cylinders at a desired pressure, thereby serving to optimize efficiency and performance. Advancements in fuel injection technology are rapidly being made, including the greater adoption of piezoelectric injectors (piezo injectors) for increased precision and greater capabilities for handling high pressures.


Based in Singapore, Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia is a trusted supplier of genuine common rail injectors in Singapore and around the region. We are well stocked with a wide range of Bosch common rail injectors, Denso common rail injectors, and more. We additionally stock a wide range of related products, including having common rail testers and repair kits for sale.


Due to the complexity of the common rail injector system and the importance of the injector in your diesel vehicle’s engine, it is important to only buy from trusted diesel fuel injection spare parts distributors. You can then install the injectors into your diesel engine with a peace of mind knowing that they are manufactured to the manufacturing brand’s renowned high quality and exacting standards.


Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia is a leading supplier of diesel fuel injection parts and is one of the pioneers in distributing common rail parts in Singapore. We take a strong stance against imitation parts and only sell genuine spare parts. We are well stocked with genuine common rail injectors from leading brands like Bosch, Denso, Delphi, and more – enquire today and let us know what are the common rail parts you require!

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