CAT C7 Injector Replacement Parts by DISA

Introducing Quality Cat C7 Injector Replacement Parts by DISA

CAT C7 Injector Replacement Parts by DISA

Introducing DISA’s Replacement parts for the CAT C7 injector

While the Caterpillar C7 engine has since ceased production, there is still a significant number of vehicles today using this very engine. Over time, parts in the engine will face wear and tear and need to be replaced – one such component would be the injector, which might need repair or remanufacturing. At Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia, we carry replacement parts by DISA for the CAT C7 injector. To those who are not familiar with DISA’s range of quality CAT C7 injector replacement parts, we will like to take this opportunity to share more on this range which we carry at Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia.

What is the CAT C7 engine?

Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial equipment, engines, turbines, and locomotives. Amongst the many products it has developed, Caterpillar produced between 2003 and 2009 the CAT C7 engine. Before it was due for release, news of this upcoming C7 engine generated lots of hype as it was said to be able to meet the growing emission requirements set by the United States Environment Protection Agency. The CAT C7 engine was expected to bring a combination of raw horsepower and computer controlled clean emissions, thereby marrying the best of both worlds. The CAT C7 engine was primarily used in medium-duty class 8 trucks, and well-known manufacturers like GMC, Ford, Paccar, and Freightliner were quick to purchase the engine for their vehicles.

The CAT C7 engine replaced the popular 3126 model. While the engine configuration shared many similarities with its predecessor, the fuel injection system changed to a new style known as the Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injection (HEUI) Injector. The HEUI injector allows for multiple injections at different metered rates, thereby improving fuel combustion and reducing emissions output.

Looking for CAT C7 injector replacement parts?

If you are using the CAT C7 engine and are looking for CAT C7 injector replacement parts, you should consider the high-quality parts by DISA. DISA was founded in 1941, and despite World War II already taking place, they continued thriving in their production of O.E.M. diesel fuel injection systems. Following which, DISA sought to diversify its product range towards producing replacement parts specifically suitable for U.S.-made fuel injection systems.

Today, DISA, with a dedicated team of around 150 employees, is well-equipped with the most advanced production machinery, quality control, and inspection instruments on its site of more than 15,000 sqm. Supported by innovation from its R&D department, DISA is well positioned to study, test, and manufacture a broad variety of products each tailored to the customer’s specific needs. Besides the popular CAT C7 injector replacement parts, DISA’s wide range of products includes the similarly popular range of replacement parts for the CAT C9 injector, Caterpillar HEUI injectors for the C9 engine, Caterpillar 7000 series Nozzles, EUI injectors, and Injector pumps, just to name a few.

Are you looking to buy DISA’s CAT C7 injector replacement parts? Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia is proud to be a distributor for DISA. We stock an extensive range of genuine DISA products, available ex stock and ready for prompt delivery. For any of your diesel fuel injector repair or rebuilding needs, we stock a wide range of your required spare parts – feel free to contact us and our experienced sales team will be delighted to help.


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