Nozzle testers to diagnose faulty nozzles – why do all fuel injection workshops need them?

Nozzle testers to diagnose faulty nozzles – why do all fuel injection workshops need them?

The fuel injector nozzle plays a key role in influencing the engine’s output, fuel economy, and the exhaust-gas composition – all very important areas of concern to any diesel engine operator. At certain times, our customers may experience certain problems with their diesel engine performance and thus wonder whether “is it time for fuel injector nozzle replacement”? At this point, instead of wondering, it may be time for them to bring their vehicle to a trusted workshop. With the diesel mechanic’s experience and their trusty nozzle testers, they will be able to give their best advice.

Nozzle testers are an important tool to assess injector nozzle performance.

The nozzle tester is an important tool that is used by skilled diesel fuel injection mechanics to assess nozzle performance and to diagnose faulty nozzles. Using nozzle testers such as the Bosch EPS100 which is capable of testing different injector nozzle types including P, R, S, and T -type nozzles, the mechanic will be better able to advise the customer as to whether it is necessary to replace the fuel injector nozzle.

Nozzle testers to diagnose faulty fuel injector nozzles

Nozzle testing should be carried out by trained technicians with the right equipment.

An established diesel fuel injection workshop will have the right tools and equipment. This includes the required nozzle testers, and also the necessary safety equipment. As nozzle tests are conducted, it is important to pay attention to safety. It is important that safety equipment is utilized and that nozzle testers are used by skilled professionals.

Given that fuel injector nozzles are high-precision parts, any dirt or debris may affect its performance. Special attention must also be paid to ensure the part’s cleanliness and injector nozzle cleaning may be recommended. During the period of inspection, the skilled mechanic may already be able to identify signs of wear, tear, or damage. Further tests may be required to assess the nozzle condition – they generally involve the following 4 steps, though it will depend on the type of nozzles involved (e.g. pintle or hole-type) and the trained diesel mechanic’s own assessment of what is required.  

Types of nozzle test methods

Nozzle Leak Test

Nozzle leak tests are used to check for fuel injector nozzle leaks. Pressure is set at a certain level above the opening pressure, then any droplet formation and the droplet’s subsequent movements are observed.

Chatter Test

Chatter tests are used to assess the smoothness of the needle’s action – this affects the dispersion of fuel particles.

Spray Pattern Test – checking of the injector nozzle spray pattern

At an even pressure, the resultant spray pattern is assessed.

Checking of opening pressure

The valve needle needs to lift and expose the injection orifice once the opening pressure is reached – this is crucial for the fuel injection system to operate properly.

Bosch Nozzle Testers are trusted by skilled diesel professionals

Bosch nozzle testers for sale – catering to different nozzle types!

To a diesel fuel injection mechanic, the nozzle tester is an important piece of equipment. Bosch Nozzle Testers are highly regarded for their high accuracy and reliability. As such, Bosch Nozzle Testers have earned their reputation as being the nozzle tester preferred by many diesel fuel injection technicians. If you are seeking fuel injector nozzle testers for sale, do enquire with us! We stock a range of testers catering to different types of injector nozzles! Simply let us know the model or part number that you are looking to purchase, and we will quote you our highly competitive prices.

Need to replace fuel injector nozzle?

Replace faulty fuel injector nozzles with brand new ones!

Perhaps you realise that you will need to replace the fuel injector nozzle or the nozzle-and-holder assembly. If you find that you require to buy fuel injection nozzles, look no further! We are similarly well stocked with a wide range of fuel injector nozzles for sale, with a comprehensive range of genuine nozzles from many leading brands. Fuel injector nozzle replacement costs need not be expensive – buy wholesale from Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia.

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