Time to replace your Mercedes W211 Injector?

Genuine 0445 110 237 Bosch Injectors are in stock for sale

Time to replace your Mercedes W211 Injector?

Mercedes-Benz cars are well-loved and popular. Known for their superior build quality, these cars are built to last and old models are still running well today. The Mercedes-Benz W211 is a chassis designation for the Mercedes Benz E-Class that was produced between 2002 and 2009. While not entirely new, they are still a frequent sight on our roads. Back in the day, the Mercedes W211 E-Class was selected by fleet owners to be used as a premium taxi in Singapore for the style, comfort, and reliability offered. As such, many people both young and old are well acquainted with the Mercedes W211 E-Class! Not just popular in Singapore, this model of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is popular worldwide. Looking back to the start of its production days, it has been a long journey and some engine parts may have faced significant wear and tear. In particular, we will like to highlight changing your Mercedes W211 injector. Lately, we have been noticing enquiries regarding the replacement of the Mercedes W211 common rail injector and we have also been following the developments on Mercedes enthusiast forums. This brings us together to share with everyone about the Mercedes W211 injectors we have in stock and ready for sale.

The Mercedes W211 E-Class

The most obvious styling change of the W211 as compared to its predecessor, the Mercedes W210, is the change from a geometric and square look towards smooth lines and subtle curves, but this Mercedes-Benz still holds true to its visual identity with the customary Mercedes-Benz Grill. With an expanded interior as well, this luxurious car provides ample space for optimal comfort. While offering a refreshing design at the time of production, the Mercedes W211 E-Class today is almost a classic Mercedes car to many people and holds a unique charm – thereby still explaining why we see it so often, despite new car launches happening all the time!

Why change injectors?

As at 2019, the earlier batches of Merc W211 cars are more than 15 years old! Thus, a check-up (and possibly replacement) of injectors might be due, especially if your car displays the symptoms such as starting problems, poor emissions, and increased fuel consumption. These may be consequences of leaking or clogged fuel injectors and a replacement of your vehicle’s Mercedes W211 Injector may be required. A professional diagnosis is essential and if an injector replacement is advised, this should be promptly dealt with, given the importance of the injector in your diesel engine.

Buy genuine and brand new Mercedes W211 injectors

We stock genuine 0445 110 237 Mercedes W211 injectors, manufactured by Bosch for the optimum performance of your vehicle. The Bosch 0445 110 237 common rail injector for the Mercedes W211 E-Class CDI plays the important role of injecting fuel via common rail technology and does so in a precise controlled flow to achieve the desired engine performance. Given the important role fuel injectors play, it is important to use only authentic Bosch injectors which are rigorously inspected and built to the highest quality. Guaranteed to be genuine and brand new, our prices for these injectors are very good so do drop us a message and get yours today!

If you are interested in other fuel injection parts or genuine Bosch parts, please feel free to contact us and our experienced sales teams will be most happy to help.

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