Fuel Feed Pump

Fuel Feed Pump

We stock the many types of fuel feed pumps for use in diesel engine applications.


The diesel feed pump is also referred to as the lift pump, the low pressure pump, or the fuel supply pump. Basically, it performs the simple but important role of supplying the diesel fuel from the tank into the fuel injection system. There are many types of fuel feed pumps, including mechanical pumps, diaphragm pumps, or electric pumps. There is great sophistication and refinement in the diesel delivery process as high quality feed pumps are designed for controlled delivery of the fuel supply, while also preventing vapour bubbles formation and cavitation. Clearly, we see that the fuel feed pump functions are important and that we need to ensure that the feed pump is working well.


Fuel Feed Pump Replacement – we sell genuine and brand new!

Zexel feed pump, Denso feed pump, and more!


As such, when it is time for feed pump replacement, it is important to replace using genuine parts. Based in Singapore, Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia stocks a wide range of fuel feed pumps for sale. We supply genuine pumps from only reputable leading brands, including in our range Zexel feed pumps and Denso feed pumps, amongst others. We are specialists in the diesel fuel injection system, experienced in supplying both common rail and conventional diesel fuel injection parts. Having been in the industry for over 50 years, we have a keen understanding of the requirements of spare parts distributors, engine workshops, and diesel vehicle owners. From our warehouse in Singapore, we are dedicated to serving our customers located both locally and abroad. Wherever you are located, our team will be able to advise on how we can best deliver our parts to you in the most cost-effective manner.


Today, we are a leading exporter of diesel fuel injection pumps and pump spares. Whether you require a brand new fuel feed pump or just some spare parts to repair your pump, let us know and we will be happy to help!

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