Diesel High Pressure Pump

Diesel High Pressure Pump


The diesel high pressure pump is responsible for bringing to high pressures the fuel brought from the tank by the fuel supply pump. The high pressure fuel pump brings the fuel to the correct pressure so as to provide the optimum mix of fuel and air into the combustion chamber, which would be injected via the fuel injectors. Clearly, the high pressure fuel pump is a crucial component in ensuring the optimal performance and efficiency of your diesel engine – as such, the pump’s quality and authenticity are of utmost importance.


Common rail pumps and conventional diesel fuel pumps for sale

We stock a wide range of high pressure pump types


There are multiple types of diesel fuel pumps, including in-line fuel injection pumps, distributor pumps, and also common rail pumps. At Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia, we are a trusted supplier of high pressure pumps from leading brands like Bosch, Zexel, and Denso, amongst others.


High Pressure Pump Replacement – we sell genuine and brand new!

Bosch pumps, Zexel pumps, Denso pumps, and more.


While quality components are built to last, some time down the road you may require high pressure pump replacement – then, please look for us!  Based in Singapore, we have a wide range and have ready stocks of high pressure fuel pumps for sale, so that we can best serve our customer needs. From our warehouse in Singapore, we are able to quickly supply our range of high pressure pumps to customers located in Singapore or abroad.


If you require high pressure pumps for your diesel engine, please do not hesitate to reach out! With over 50 years of industry expertise, we are an established supplier of diesel fuel injection pumps. We pride ourselves on our wide range and competitive prices. Importantly, we take a strong stance against imitation parts and we supply only genuine branded parts for your diesel engine. For any enquiries, simply drop us an email and our salespeople will be most happy to assist.

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