Nozzle Tester

Nozzle Tester


The Nozzle Tester functions essentially as a manual fuel pump, where the necessary pressure is generated through the use of a manual hand lever. To conduct a nozzle test, the nozzle-and-holder assembly is connected to the tester via a test line (or high-pressure delivery line). As we well know, the nozzle plays an important role in influencing the engine’s output and fuel economy – two areas of major concern to any diesel engine operator. As such, these testers are important tools that are required to assess nozzle performance, which in turn, affects the diesel engine performance.


Bosch EFEP 60H, Bosch EPS 100 Nozzle Testers, and other testing equipment!

Bosch Nozzle Testers for Sale! 


Bosch Nozzle Testers have a track record for being highly accurate and for being exacting with their finely scaled pressure gauge. Using a Bosch tester, you can reliably conduct fuel injector nozzle tests, including analyzing of injection spray patterns and the carrying out of nozzle chatter tests or leak tests.


Bosch testers – the tool for reliable nozzle spray tests, leak tests, chatter tests, and more. 


Nozzle tests should be conducted by trained professionals – if you are a purchaser, diesel technician, or other diesel professional trained on how to use a diesel injector nozzle tester, do enquire with us about our range of nozzle testers for sale! Simply let us know the tester model or part number that you are looking to buy and we will quote you our highly-competitive prices. At Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia, we are a leading distributor of diesel fuel injection parts and we sell wholesale nozzle testers catering to different nozzle types.


If after conducting nozzle tests, you find that you will require to replace the fuel injection nozzle, we are similarly well stocked with an extensive range of spare parts. We strive to be your one-stop-shop for all diesel injection-related pumps, parts, and spares. With over 50 years of industry experience, we are trusted by diesel fuel injection workshops, distributors, and end-users located in Singapore and abroad – we hope to have the opportunity to also serve you soon!


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