Fuel Injection Nozzle

The fuel injection nozzle plays a key role in managing the performance and emissions of diesel engines. In most fuel injection systems, fuel runs through high-pressured delivery lines to the injection nozzle, where the fuel is injected into the combustion chamber. As such, the nozzle design and quality affects important fuel combustion characteristics as well as the mechanical durability of the associated parts. Clearly, this component is critical to the performance and emissions of diesel engines.

There are many types of fuel injection nozzles catering to different engine needs. There may be different numbers of sizes, holes, nozzle-jet positions, spray patterns, spray-hole diameters, and intensities of injection pressure. These design parameters not just affect the characteristics of the diesel combustion process, but also affect emissions, engine performance, and mechanical durability. As such, it is clear that extensive research and development goes into manufacturing the top performing fuel injection nozzles. Due to the precision involved, it is important to buy from established fuel injection parts suppliers who stock genuine spare parts of reputable brands.

Based in Singapore, we at Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia stock an extensive range of diesel fuel injection nozzles that cater to a wide range of diesel engine applications. We are dedicated to serving your diesel fuel injection needs and we carry Bosch nozzles, Zexel nozzles, Disa nozzles, Denso nozzles, and that from many other fuel injection nozzle manufacturers, for sale in Singapore or for export. Beyond which, we also sell other related fuel injection parts and even nozzle testers.

If you are looking to buy genuine and brand new fuel injection parts, please do enquire with us!

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