Fuel Injection Sensor

Fuel Injection Sensors

Oil level sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and more – we stock many types of sensors! 


Automotive sensors are used to provide accurate and reliable measurements relevant to the many pieces of technology within the vehicle’s engine. For the optimal performance of your engine, precision and accuracy is expected of these sensors. There are many types of sensors within the vehicle, including mass airflow sensors, oxygen sensors, oil level sensors, and oil pressure sensors. The feedback from a combination of different sensors plays a critical role in allowing for greater ease of use and the reliable operation of your diesel engine.


Replacement of Automotive Sensors 


To ensure the smooth operation of your diesel vehicle, various automotive sensors may be in use for extended periods under harsh conditions of high temperatures and pressures. Over prolonged use, you may be required to replace certain automotive sensors to bring back that required level of sensor accuracy and speed.


Bosch sensors, Denso sensors, Isuzu sensors, and more!

Genuine sensors for better reliability and accuracy. 


Sensors need to be made out of sturdy materials, be thermally stable, and be vibration resistant. In the harsh engine environment, it is important to use genuine branded sensors for the dependability they offer. Not just must the sensors be reliable and accurate, they need to have extremely fast response times such that your vehicle can run as intended. As such, with the extensive research and development going into Bosch sensors, Denso sensors, and other sensors by the world’s leading brands, inferior brands or imitation parts are not able to match their quality and reliability.


Looking to replace automotive sensors?

We are wholesale suppliers of sensors in the fuel injection system. 


Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia is a specialist wholesaler of pumps, parts, and spares in the diesel fuel injection system. We have a wide range of Bosch high pressure sensors, Isuzu oil sensors, and many more types of sensors for sale! For any engine or vehicle sensors you may require, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Let us know the sensor’s brand, its part number, and your required quantity and we will be able to advise on the price of the sensors you require.

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