Product Introduction: Bosch Fuel Injectors

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Product Introduction: Bosch Fuel Injectors

Bosch Fuel Injectors Need no introduction

It’s funny how when introducing our range of fuel injection products at Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia, we start with a brand that really, needs no introduction. When it comes to fuel injection system components, Bosch fuel injectors easily dominate the scene for many good reasons. The brand itself is associated with world-leading electronics and engineering, producing high-end products across different business sectors such as consumer goods, mobility solutions, industrial technology, and energy. Bosch’s story traces back to 1886 when it was known as Werkstätte für Feinmechanik und Elektrotechnik in Stuttgart. A year after, the company introduced the first low-voltage magneto for gasoline engines. With more than a century of industrial expertise, Bosch has a long history in the automotive parts market and is today one of the leaders in this space.

Bosch Injectors are trusted by leading diesel vehicle manufacturers

The OE difference is evident – fuel injectors with exact oe fit, form, and function.

With its wealth of experience in the automotive industry, Bosch fuel injectors are amongst the brand’s best-selling product categories. The company itself is acknowledged as a top manufacturer of fuel injector components, and Bosch parts are used by leading companies like Mercedes, Volvo, and Scania. Through extensive research and development, Bosch’s fuel injection parts are of the highest quality and are preferred by many of the most discerning vehicle and engine manufacturers for their high standards in quality control, technology, and testing. As such, Bosch is widely acknowledged to make the best fuel injectors.

Using genuine Bosch parts, the OE difference is evident as Bosch delivers aftermarket parts that provide the Fit, Form & Function of the original component. Bosch Original Equipment ensures the highest quality, performance, and durability in their range of diesel aftermarket parts. Bosch engages in product testing and comparison studies which show that their products maintain a clear quality edge over that of non-OEM approved remanufactured products. The unit injector is required to achieve not just high injection pressures, but to also do so with extremely high precision, such that it is able to respond and vary according to the engine’s operating state. By using genuine brand new Bosch parts, you can have peace of mind knowing that every piece is manufactured to Bosch’s exacting standards.

Till date, Bosch has produced over 1 billion fuel injectors, earning a stellar reputation as a reliable partner in fuel injection expertise and as the number one name in original equipment. With their continual pursuit of excellence, Bosch creates some of the best fuel injectors, covering different spray patterns, injector types, and for use in a diverse range of applications.

genuine Bosch Fuel Injectors for sale!

Do you need Bosch fuel injector replacement? We sell Bosch injectors wholesale.

With the quality and reputation associated with Bosch’s brand of fuel injection parts, Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia is proud to be a Bosch authorized wholesaler. We are well stocked with a wide range of genuine Bosch fuel injection parts, including Bosch common rail injectors, diesel injection pumps, nozzles, and more. We carry pumps, parts, and spares for both conventional and common rail fuel injection systems.

Based in Singapore, we are conveniently located in Bukit Batok and beside the highway for convenient access to our customers located both locally and abroad. If you require to replace Bosch fuel injectors, simply drop us an email and our dedicated sales team will be most happy to assist you with our range of genuine and brand new injectors.

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