Reconditioned Vs. New? 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Brand New Fuel Injectors

Reconditioned Vs New Injectors. Why brand new is the best?

Reconditioned Vs. New? 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Brand New Fuel Injectors

What are reconditioned fuel injectors?

Some may wonder, what are reconditioned fuel injectors – well, under this broad category, there are 2 main types of reconditioned injectors you might find in the market – namely, refurbished and remanufactured injectors. While definitions may vary depending on the individual workshop handling the reconditioning, the general distinctions are as follows.

Refurbished injectors

Refurbished means that the fuel injectors have been taken off from running engines to be cleaned throughout and tested to make sure that they can meet current OEM specifications.

Remanufactured Injectors (or rebuilt injectors)

Remanufactured fuel injectors are those that have been fully disassembled, checked for wear, and rebuilt with new components. They are thus also frequently referred to as rebuilt injectors.

In this small discussion on reconditioned vs. new injectors, we’ll share some insights relevant to the topic.

Why are brand new fuel injectors the best?

Each piece of brand new injector is subject to the manufacturer’s exacting standards

With brand new fuel injectors, you are guaranteed of the manufacturer’s standards. Brand new injectors are designed for cutting edge performance and each piece is rigorously inspected. Brands such as Bosch are highly reputed and world-renowned, thus you know that you can safely trust in their high-quality products. With OEM parts, the production process undergoes constant refinement, utilizes brand new parts, and are subject to rigorous testing – it is easy to understand why reconditioned injectors are unable to live up to the same exacting standards set by the original manufacturers.

Brand new injectors have no wear and tear

Brand new injectors have no wear and tear. While certain worn out parts are replaced in reconditioned injectors, not all the parts can be replaced. In addition, not all “wear and tear” can be easily inspected and treated. Buying original guarantees that you are receiving a brand new part that has not been used, thus guaranteeing zero wear and tear (which in itself, may already suggest a longer useful lifespan!).

Brand new injectors are worry free!

Reconditioned injectors are advertised as having their worn-out parts replaced. However, there is a genuine concern that those replaced parts may not be original parts from established brands. Furthermore, it is also not easy to judge the quality of the reconditioning job, since that will depend on the workshop’s standards and the skills of their technicians. Having invested in a quality engine, we would not want wasteful downtime or costly repairs. With genuine and brand new injectors, the purchase is worry free! As highlighted above, there are many ways in which the quality of brand new injectors stand out when compared with refurbished or remanufactured injectors. With brand new parts, you know clearly the quality you can expect.

Looking to buy brand new fuel injectors?

New injectors are designed to last and they are expected to last longer than even the best-reconditioned counterparts. By buying brand new, you need not worry about needing injector replacement anytime soon. Moreover, brand new injectors may, in the long run, prove to provide better value for your money, given their expected longer lifespan. We wouldn’t want to risk wasteful downtime or expensive repairs. Furthermore, shopping for reconditioned products can be daunting as a lot of guesswork could be involved. This is even before considering the fact that reconditioned injectors cannot easily match the quality and exacting standards of brand new injectors set by leading manufacturers. For peace of mind, buy brand new fuel injectors.

Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia carries a wide range of brand new fuel injectors for sale. Our wide range includes injectors for both conventional and common rail applications. Based in Singapore, Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia has more than 50 years of experience in fuel injection parts and serves a wide array of industries, including mining, industrial, marine, agricultural, and construction. We are your one-stop solution – not just for fuel injectors, but also for other fuel injection parts, common rail components, and turbochargers.

If you’re interested in high quality remanufactured injectors – iNSIST ON genuine spare parts.

Of course, many people still look for high quality remanufactured injectors (especially having found a skilled technician team for the reconditioning work or maybe you yourself are a technical expert!). We work with many reconditioning and repair workshops and from our experience, the quality distinction is very clear when working with a skilled workshop with the right expertise. The difference in the quality of rebuilt injectors lies in the technician’s higher skill, better knowledge, access to better equipment, and insistence on using genuine branded spare parts in the rebuilding process. It is important that genuine spare parts from quality brands are used in the process to ensure reliability and longevity. Before buying the reconditioned or rebuilt injectors, you may want to ask – what were the spare parts used in the reconditioning process? What brand’s parts were used? Were they brand new parts?

We are trusted by highly-rated workshops and reconditioning experts.

If you’re a workshop with the expertise in the repair, reconditioning, or rebuilding of injectors, you may require nozzles, repair kits, or other spare parts. We are proud to say that on top of our range of brand new injectors, we are similarly well stocked with a wide range of fuel injection spare parts, including the harder-to-find inner parts. We supply high quality spare parts from both original OEM brands and highly trusted replacement part brands. We carry market-leading brands that you may be familiar with, including Bosch, Zexel, Disa, Denso, Spaco, and more. Depending on your budget and requirements, we can advise you on our range, which includes parts from different brands, countries, and at different price points. From our decades of experience in the fuel injection parts market, we are grateful for the honour to be trusted by many workshops around the world that are leading in the reconditioning of high quality refurbished and rebuilt injectors – we will love to have the opportunity to serve you too!

Depending on your intended use case, we highly recommend the quality replacement parts by DISA, a leading diesel parts manufacturer from Italy. With their own manufacturing and R&D facilities, they have been able to study, test, and manufacture a broad variety of products, producing each to the highest specifications. With full control over their quality and backed by 80 years of history, they are renowned for their quality replacement parts. Amidst their extensive range includes their popular CAT C7 injector replacement parts , CAT C9 injector replacement parts, and parts such as the oil control assembly, which are often replaced in injector remanufacturing.

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