Why Are Diesel Fuel Injectors Expensive?

Reasons why diesel fuel injectors are expensive

Why Are Diesel Fuel Injectors Expensive?

When shopping for diesel fuel injectors, prices are often one of the first things that come to any buyers’ mind. As such, one may easily wonder why a small injector can be expensive. Today, we hope to share with everyone reasons that justify the costs demanded by quality fuel injectors. By understanding how a diesel fuel injector is made, how it works, and the important role each injector plays in your engine, you will better understand why quality fuel injectors are slightly pricey.

Firstly, top manufacturers invest greatly in research and development, ensuring a top-notch product. While the simple purpose of the fuel injection system is to deliver fuel to the cylinders of diesel engines, the process in which fuel is delivered may differ between injectors used. Illustrating this, we can compare the differences in injector operation – less optimal fuel injectors are known to be noisier and less efficient, hurting both user experience and the environment.

Secondly, quality materials are used in injector construction so that the injectors can thrive in the high-pressure environments of diesel fuel injection systems. Top brands like Bosch, Zexel, and DISA will not skimp on materials at the cost of quality, thus you know that in buying from them, you are buying a product designed to last. Materials are carefully selected and each injector is carefully constructed to ensure that they hold up to extreme pressures, allowing them to meet their durability targets. With quality injectors, they require less need for expensive repairs and allow users to achieve better uptime.

Thirdly, injectors are highly intricate pieces of equipment. Injectors have a tolerance of 1 micron, the finest tolerance of any mechanical component on the engine. To be able to manufacture at such precise standards and to afford the exacting quality checks along with it also helps to explain part of the costs of quality fuel injectors.

Now that we have explained why quality fuel injectors are expensive, it is only natural that we explain why you should buy from quality brands. Genuine and brand-new diesel fuel injectors from top brands may seem expensive at first glance, but we believe you can get better value for your money in the long run.

A superior injector can deliver significant benefits, including greater fuel efficiency. According to research by Bosch, in travelling 100,000km on heavy diesel trucks, using quality Bosch nozzles can save you 1,780 litres of diesel as compared to using nozzles by less optimal brands. As such, using quality fuel injectors benefits the user through better fuel efficiency which will bring significant savings in operational costs. Adding on, using quality injectors will also bring further savings arising from higher uptime and reduced need for costly repairs. These are the advantages even before we factor in the environmental impact from greater fuel efficiency, which will make choosing our range of quality fuel injectors the even more obvious choice.

The diesel fuel injection system may cost as much as 30% of the total engine, illustrating the technical demands in producing this relatively small component. Having invested in a quality fuel injection system, it is important to repair or replace only with quality diesel fuel injectors so that the system will be able to function well and function long. What may come across as “expensive” at first glance, may prove to deliver outstanding value over the long run.

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