Why buy the latest Bosch test benches? – Bosch DCI200 & DCI700

Why buy the latest Bosch test benches? – Bosch DCI200 & DCI700

Bosch is a leader in diesel fuel injection systems, and they manufacture a highly regarded range of test benches which many say are amongst the best test benches in the market. As a leader in the diesel injection industry, Bosch has a keen understanding of the diesel fuel injection system and their range of testing equipment are reliable, accurate, and can comprehensively serve the needs of diesel fuel injection workshops – essential characteristics of the best test benches.

As of 2023, the Bosch DCI 700 (launched September 2019) and Bosch DCI 200 (launched November 2022) are the latest and best test benches offered by Bosch.

With increasingly stringent emission standards, the level of precision involved in the technology for diesel fuel injectors are of course significantly higher than before. More accuracy is needed in their testing and repair, and so the new test benches by Bosch are designed to bring accurate, fast, and precise testing of injectors. With modular retrofit kits, these new models can cater to an even wider range of diesel fuel injectors – thereby allowing a workshop operator to offer an even more comprehensive service coverage.

Why buy the latest Bosch test benches?

When looking to buy a diesel fuel injection test bench for a workshop, some people may consider wanting to buy a refurbished second-hand test bench or one from an alternative brand. However, we believe that Bosch’s new test benches offer superior value and are the best option available in the market.  

On top of diesel equipment, Bosch has been producing for a long time the testing equipment for diesel fuel injection repair applications, and each iteration brings with them significant leaps of improvement. The Bosch DCI 700 and Bosch DCI 200 are the latest in their range of test benches and are designed to bring a real competitive advantage to your workshop operations for the coming years. Definitely, Bosch has made significant improvements to their product and their DCI 200 and DCI 700 may be the best diesel fuel injection test benches in the market today. Here are some reasons why you should buy the latest Bosch test benches:

The new test benches bring Superior Speed.

Mount and test a standard injector in only 15 minutes! With its speed advantages over older alternatives, these new test benches boast up to 70% shorter test times! Time is money, and the new models allow you to test more injectors per hour, thereby allowing you to deliver better service and turnaround times for your customers. Compared to other workshops who use old test benches or those from inferior brands, this could be a huge source of competitive advantage!  

These new models are Ergonomic and User Friendly.

Designed with the operator in mind, these new models are thoughtfully designed to be more user friendly and comfortable for prolonged use. This improved working comfort greatly improves the user experience as its design allows the user to stand closer to the machine and also work at a comfortable height. Compared to using older test benches that may not have the same ergonomic design and the newly-introduced bevelled lower portion that allows for a more comfortable working posture, your technicians will be happier using the new DCI 700 or DCI 200!

These new models are designed to help reduce Maintance Cost.

Through a patented “rotating rail concept”, high-pressure hoses (which are much more susceptible to wear and tear) have been replaced. As such, we can save on having to replace high-pressure hoses, which allows us to save both time and money! This forward-thinking engineering underscores Bosch’s dedication to cost-effective solutions that benefit your bottom line. Older test benches or those from competitor brands may still feature the outdated high-pressure hoses which are vulnerable and require regular replacement, thereby being more costly to maintain.

Bosch’s new test benches allow for greater coverage of CRI and CRIN injectors.

The DCI 700 and DCI 200 can test highly sophisticated common rail injectors with advanced technologies like Valve Closing Control (VCC) and Needle Closing Control (NCC), which are incorporated to meet Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards. However its testing capabilities are not just limited to Bosch’s own product range of CRI and CRIN injectors, the coverage of injectors the new test bench can test extends into a wider range of injectors by other leading brands as well. This adaptability is supported through Bosch’s range of third-party kits, connection cables, and adapters, allowing you to broaden your service portfolio and capture a larger market share.

The new Bosch test benches can be easily updated with software subscriptions.

From these hassle-free online updates, we can benefit from highly effective operations with easy access to comprehensive and accurate data. The data which you require for your work are now easily found and ready for use, ensuring your test benches remain up to date with the latest advancements in diesel fuel injection technology! Comprehensive and accurate data is readily accessible, further empowering your workshop’s operations and bolstering the quality of service you provide.

Looking to buy the newest test benches? Look to the Bosch DCI 700 or Bosch DCI 200!

Buying the latest Bosch test benches is an investment into gaining a competitive advantage that supports the success of your diesel fuel injection workshop. As Bosch continues to pioneer advancements in diesel fuel injection, aligning your workshop with their state-of-the-art technology positions you at the forefront of the diesel fuel injection repair market. The Bosch DCI 700 and DCI 200 test benches encapsulate reliability, efficiency, and precision – qualities that the best test benches in the market must have. Elevate your workshop today with Bosch’s latest test benches and unlock new possibilities.

Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia is an authorized Bosch wholesaler, specialised in the wholesale distribution of diesel fuel injection pumps, parts, spares, and test equipment. Investing in a common rail injector test bench is a significant milestone and in making a big purchasing decision, it may be beneficial to consult with an expert as to which injector test bench is best for you. To buy the latest Bosch test benches, simply send us an enquiry email and our dedicated Sales Team will be most happy to assist.  

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