Common Rail

Diesel Common Rail

a key component of your diesel vehicle’s common rail system

Common rail (CR) direct fuel injection is an advancement in fuel injection technology, and the Common Rail, also known as the Fuel Rail, is itself one of the most important components within the CR diesel fuel injection system. The Common Fuel Rail receives fuel from the high-pressure pump and distributes this high-pressured fuel to the CR injectors.

Buy genuine common fuel rails for the best in reliability, safety, and performance

For reliability and safety, it is important to use genuine Common Fuel Rails from reputable brands. Not just does the rail have to handle high pressures, it also has to work under stress arising from high temperatures and harsh environments that your diesel engine operates under. Furthermore, due to the inherent high pressure the diesel system operates in, there is a need for a tight reliable seal and any leakage can have serious consequences, including risks of system contamination or even fire and other safety hazards. While certain genuine and imitation Rails may look similar based on sight alone, they are different in quality – we recommend and only sell genuine parts, because this gives the best performance, reliability, and safety. By buying from a trusted diesel injection parts supplier like Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia, you can rest assured knowing that the Common Fuel Rails you purchase are genuine parts that have been manufactured to exacting standards and have been rigorously tested.

Bosch Common Rail, Denso Common Rail, and more!

Leading supplier of diesel common rail and fuel injection parts

Based in Singapore, Sealand Turbo-Diesel Asia is a leading fuel injection parts distributor that specializes in every part of the CR system. We are amongst the largest common rail suppliers in Singapore and around the region. We have a wide range of genuine parts for sale, including Bosch Common Rail, Denso Common Rail, and more – enquire today and let us know what diesel engine spare parts you require!

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